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PEOPLE TO TRADE is a long-turn photography project about the war in Syria and the aftermath of the humanitarian crisis. The project was developed between 2012 and 2020.

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Socotra Island has always been one of the most isolated and hard to reach places on Earth, but in the meantime has always captured the interest of the main political powers in the region.


Protests Bulgaria 2020

The 2020–2021 Bulgarian protests were a series of demonstrations that were being held in Bulgaria, mainly in the capital Sofia.

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Glimpses of a man and nature

Journey through North America from Alaska to Costa Rica.

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The [ ROJAVA DIARIES ] project brings together several stories from war-torn northern Syria in a short video narrative.

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The war on east

Multimedia story about the war in Donbas region in Ukraine.

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Faces of the protest

The 2013–2014 Bulgarian protests against the Oresharski cabinet was a series of demonstrations that were held in Bulgaria, mainly in the capital Sofia, against the left-wing coalition cabinet of Oresharski.

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Bulgarian masons

Story shot for National Geographic magazine about Bulgarian masons loudge.

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Wabi Sabi

My balcony flowers fade and rot, but I saw them through Wabi-Sabi's.