The 2020–2021 Bulgarian protests were a series of demonstrations that were being held in Bulgaria, mainly in the capital Sofia. The protest movement was the culmination of long-standing grievances against endemic corruption and state capture, particularly associated with prime ministercBoyko Borisov's governments, in power since 2009.

Spontaneous demonstrations were triggered by the 9 July 2020 raid on the Presidency of Bulgaria by police and prosecutors in what was perceived as an attack against President Rumen Radev, a vocal critic of Borisov's rule.

Borisov has refused to resign, insisting that the "mafia wants to overthrow him" and that "no alternatives" to his rule have been presented.] His ministers, deputies and parliamentary allies have labelled protesters "scum", "apes" and a "herd" which must be "put back in its place".

The protests ended on 16 April 2021, as the 4-year term of Borisov's cabinet has ended, and the formal resignation of the 3rd Borisov government has been accepted by the new parliament


On the night of 2 September, during clashes between protesters and police in front of parliament in Sofia, I photographed a man in the back holding two yellow stones, which he later threw at police. I managed to find the man in the photo and find out what provoked him to throw the stones. His name is Ivan Ikonomov, owner of a white goods repair company. Its office is located in Sofia and the company's activity is in London.